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What is NUsicTV?

The Independent Music Television Channel

  • A global rights cleared television broadcast that connects directly with independent record labels, cutting edge artists and the fans that follow them.
  • An app (in development) that mirrors the TV broadcast so users can get the best.
  • We are currently piloting a 2hr broadcast on Sky 192 and Freesat 402 in the UK along with a weekly playlist on connected TV's via MUZU.tv

We aim to revolutionize the music industry with our interactive television platform for promoting and consuming independent music through screens. 


A platform for emerging artists

The music industry is in flux and it's the artists that have been losing out. We aim to change that by working directly with them to bring their music to broadcast.

The most widely used platform for the latest music videos has become YouTube but YouTube doesn't market this content and most videos never reach a mass audience. NUsicTV is a curated 24/7 music television platform that puts these latest music videos from emerging independent artists straight on to television. 

We work directly with independent artists and record labels, we pay them and we promote them. Music rights owners receive performance rights payments direct from NUsicTV or through the local performing rights society. The master rights owners receive master rights payments direct from NUsicTV. In a nutshell it’s a win win scenario for any artist or record label. We accept music videos in any language and provide on-screen credits for artists, filmmakers and record labels and as a bonus labels and artists can promote albums with on screen promotional elements.



For the viewer

  • 'The Independent Music TV Channel'

  • Broadcasting ‘linear’ music television 24/7

  • Embracing new signed and unsigned artists from around the world 
  • No presenters, just creative, cutting edge, music videos! 
  • Curated by a team of artists and professionals plugged into global underground music scenes
  • Marketing and promoting new music, labels and publishers through music videos, live session videos and BACKDROP content
  • An App (in development) that connects with the users providing an interactive experience for discovering new music

For the distributor

  • Available on all media (Satellite, Cable, IPTV, OTT to mobile)
  • Delivered via HD broadcast servers
  • All rights cleared content for global distribution
  • Applicable in all language territories
  • Selling music direct from screen to a global audience (In development - NUsicTV app)
  • NUsicTV comes from Benjamin Gough and Daniel 'Junsei' Cresswell and is part of LandscapeHD television broadcast network (founded by Nick Austin, the co-founder of Beggars Banquet record label)