What is NUsicTV?

·      The Independent Music Television Channel.

·      A collective of creatives working directly with artists and film makers to bring our viewers the best in independent music.

·      A platform for artists, film makers and independent labels to reach new audiences. 

·      First for new artists before they break the mainstream.. and also a few artists that you will already know!

·      Exclusives with music video releases before you see them elsewhere. 

·      Based in London, with scouts based globally, we break the best new acts from cities around the world.


What we do.

NUsicTV is a unique television channel focused on transforming the music industry. We broadcast independent artists at the forefront of music, a stream of the most artistic, creative and original content available. This allows the viewer to discover the music they want without having to search the internet.  

How we do it.

NUsicTV is based in London, a mecca for new music scenes. We have an abundance of new music on our doorstep but we don't confine our content to UK based artists. We have scouts located in cities in over 40 countries bringing our audience the best new music from around the globe.

For the music.

We provide a platform for artists and bands to get their music in front of a mass audience. Artists are able to submit videos directly to us HERE and see them go into our app and onto the broadcast. The Music Industry is changing watch the NUsicTV revolution!