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Send us electronic tracks and we'll create a video for it that we will broadcast on our Network

This will be added to the late night segment of NUsicTV’s daily programming. 

We select predominantly languageless tracks by global artists and labels at the forefront of electronic music and edit visuals to the beat to create a visual montage. 

We transport the viewer into a world of cutting edge electronica and moving image.

NU Chill

NU Tech



Onscreen title bar layout

Onscreen title bar layout

  1. Supply us with electronic music HERE.
  2. We get in touch.
  3. You sign up.
  4. We create BACKDROP videos for you free of charge.
  5. We master the video for broadcast free of charge.
  6. This includes a full artist, track name, record company credits (see image).
  7. We broadcast it on our channel.
  8. You get paid a pro-rata share of 5% of all our advertising revenue!

We are open to all subgenres within the world of electronic music.

Do contact us with links to your music for BACKDROP via the How to submit page.