Electronic Music

Submit Your Electronic Track...

If you have any 100% original music videos, sign them up HERE 


The BACKDROP video...

  • Is an abstract moving visual that will be edited to your track 
  • Will generate performance royalties that can be paid directly to you
  • Is FREE!
  • Reaches people via their TV sets, promotes your music and brings you to new audiences
  • Has an information bar with your artist name, track name, label, website / Soundcloud / Bandcamp and location details
  • Has an added promotion screen after the video that promotes your new track / album with an iTunes / Bandcamp / Soundcloud link

Videos will debut on
NUsicTV's new electronic nights 

Friday nights 11pm - 1am on Sky 192 and Freesat 402  
(repeated Mon - Thurs from 3am - 5am)

Please submit your track below, once we have reviewed the details we will be in touch with a 100% NON EXCLUSIVE broadcast agreement.  


A BACKDROP moving visual example below:

New Music Television

Our mission is to steadily expand the sub genres of new music on NUsicTV for our 24hour broadcast. We have been successfully promoting new independent bands on SKY & Freesat every week since mid April 2014.  We are now developing the new platforms for electronic music, the debut broadcast of which will be back to back downtempo NU-bass content.

We work tirelessly to promote new creative independent music and to get artists paid. Please keep submitting content and tell others to. 
NUsicTV is growing and is what we make it!

Note: You are submitting tracks to be broadcast on television so strict copyright considerations apply. We can only broadcast 100% original music content, no covers or samples.