Submit your music video for broadcast on NUsicTV!

You can now directly access the world of television with your music video content via NUsicTV. If you own the rights to a music video and would like to promote it on our channel please submit it via the button at the bottom of the page. We will asses it and if accepted we will broadcast and promote you within the broadcast and open doors to many other ways to monetise your passion. The music world is changing and NUsicTV is the new platform for emerging artists to promote their content.

NUsicTV - Join the ecosystem for independent music!

We successfully promote new independent bands and emerging artists on television, reaching and connecting your music with a new audience.

Our 24hr broadcast will consist of time sections for different genres of music and we are expanding and adding to these genres for our viewers. This means we want submissions! So get on board, submit your music video and tell others to do the same. Our platform is for you and artists like you. Take control and utilise NUsicTV!

How does it work?

  • Submit your video via the button below.

  • If your video is accepted we will contact you with a broadcast agreement. 

  • You then need to send us a high resolution 1080p copy of your music video. See here for technical specs

  • Once we receive your broadcast license and video file we can start to get it into the system.

The work we have to do to get your video on NUsicTV includes:

Creating the titlebar graphics, broadcast audio, various masters for television and web broadcast. All relevant data entry and upload of content to partner systems such as

  • The music video will then go into our broadcast and will generate performance royalties that can be paid directly to you based pro-rata on the net advertising revenue we receive.

    • 5% of net advertising revenue pro-rata is paid for performance rights. This can either be direct to you via Paypal or via your local performing rights society.

    • 5% of net advertising revenue pro-rata is paid for master rights. This is paid direct to you via Paypal.

  • Your video will currently air on our pilot broadcast on Sky 192/Freesat 402, along with the many other television broadcasts that are to start in 2015.


Example of NUsicTV on-screen titlebar details


***Note: You are submitting a music video to be broadcast on television so strict broadcast considerations apply and your submission may not be successful. We can only broadcast videos that are 100% original music and video content, no covers or samples and no VPL registered content.