As well as promoting your video through the broadcast we also give you the ability to advertise directly from screen . 

The advert is a bold image screen (see examples opposite) that plays for 4 seconds within the NUsicTV broadcast after your video has aired. It relates directly to your music video doubling the impact and promotion potential.

It can advertise either the Track itself or the associated EP or Album. 


On-screen details include: 

ArtistArtist Name

Track/EP/Album - Name of Track, EP or Album

Out Now on - iTunes, Bandcamp, Record Label, CD or Soundcloud etc...

Artwork - Album, EP, Track artwork or Profile Image.

Direct linkArtists Website, Label Website, Soundcloud, Facebook etc...



It's quick and easy to set up. All You need to do is fill in the form via the CLICK HERE button at the bottom of this page.

Once we receive this from you we will create the advert and add it to our broadcast system. 

We will let you know the date the advert will be first broadcast and guarantee a minimum of 20 plays.


Track Promotion

EP Promotion

Album Promotion

Utilise the broadcast to it's full potential... promote on NUsicTV!