Grime votes 4 Corbyn in the UK election

JME meets Corbyn for coffee

Watch grime star JME in conversation with Labour don Jeremy Corbyn, as the two discuss grime, youth engagement, and the need to make your voice heard. JME Meets Jeremy sees the pair trading thoughts on Corbyn's unpopularity among some of his Labour party peers and why young people voting is more vital than ever before.

1. Tax goes back to the people, Jeremy wants to crack down on the rich youts avoiding tax, so that we have more funds for more facilities.

— Novelist (@Novelist) April 20, 2017


2. Jeremy opposes nuclear weapons, I don’t care what any person says, a NUC is wrong. Empowering an ethically correct person is important.

— Novelist (@Novelist) April 20, 2017


3. Jeremy is an advocate for women in parliament. That’s extremely important.

— Novelist (@Novelist) April 20, 2017


4. He has been on the back-bench not seeking power for 30 years: for him standing up for what’s right is more important than promotion.

— Novelist (@Novelist) April 20, 2017


Novelist displayed unwavering support for Corbyn in a series of tweets detailing the perks of the Labour leader’s policies, including his opposition to nuclear weapons and advocation for women in Parliament.

Corbyn Riddim on Soudcloud website launched with tickets to free party

A screenshot of the #Grime4Corbyn website (Grime4Corbyn)

Posters popping up around London

Spotted on a phone box in Brockley by @whirringcat - grime for Corbyn

Spotted on a phone box in Brockley by @whirringcat - grime for Corbyn

Akala, AJ Tracey, Novelist and Stormzy have all tweeted pro Corbyn


Corbyn and the labour manifesto were added to the BBK wiki page (See below)

He's now been removed from the page.


“Everyone keeps going, ‘Corbyn can’t do this,’ but it’s, like, well, who else is there? If people just left him alone to actually do the job and actually gave him some support, maybe he’d be different. Treating him with so much contempt … fighting that takes all his energy. How the fuck do you expect him to do interesting things?"


Register to vote by 11:59pm on 22 May. 

by Ben