Whats NU

NUsicTV - Forging a new platform for independent music on television

At NUsicTV we work with independent record labels and production companies to bring our viewers the best, most creative content in new music...BUT..... we also work directly with independent artists who want to showcase their music.

Direct contact with artists from all over the world means we are able to feed this new independent music to our audience. The public get to know up-and-coming artists, and the artists themselves have a way to share their music with the world.

It's simple! Artists contact us directly via our website http://www.nusictv.com/sign-up and submit their music videos. Once accepted these videos go into the schedule and we let them know when they will be broadcast.

Commercial music that you will see on all the other music channels has it's place but we are doing something different for the independents... We love independent music and we want to see it on television!!!

The music revolution will be televised - NUsicTV!

by Ben