iLLaKriss x So Looney - Playing Around

NU Submission

iLLaKriss x So Looney

Playing Around

We're loving this video submission from Dallas Hip-Hop artists iLLaKriss and So Looney. Dallas Hip-Hop gets a new creative light!


Buy the tune here:

by Ben

NUsicTV Label Showcase

We are now adding a label showcase section to the broadcast, dedicating whole sections of the show to one particular label's music. This will be fully credited within the broadcast with label branding and information. If you are a label and would like to get involved please contact us via the contact page on our website.

by Ben

Electronic music BACKDROP on NUsicTV


The likes of Soundcloud have taken the music world by storm with many independent electronic artists gaining a massive fan base without having any music videos at all. We reach out to these artists and create a new form of music video for these tracks. This is then aired exclusively in the new BACKDROP electronic music section on NUsicTV which is gauged towards our late night viewers.

We select predominantly languageless tracks by global artists and labels at the forefront of electronic music. We edit the tracks to BACKDROP visuals to transport the viewer into a new era of cutting edge global electronica on television.

To have a BACKDROP music video created for your electronic music please contact NUsicTV here:

by Ben

Hackney Wicked - Championing Creativity!!

1st-3rd August 2014

1st-3rd August 2014

This weekend sees the sixth Hackney Wicked Festival in full swing right here on our doorstep.

Hackney Wicked is a three day independent arts and music festival championing creativity through exhibitions, open studios, performance etc.

Respect to the organisers for doing as much as they can to push live independent music even when facing authorities that are trying to shut it down.



For more info visit their website at

by Ben

▼ DJ DOPPELGENGER - 'After Life' ▼

NU Track


'After Life'

Some of the NUsicTV crew were recently out in Japan. Big thank you to DJ Doppelgenger and Mammoth Dub for looking after us. 

by Ben

FREE promotion for NUsicTV artists!

FREE promotion for NUsicTV artists!

Artists aired on NUsicTV now have the option to get their upcoming gig information, new single or album release details added to a promotional element that will air after their music video has played. This promotion is FREE and available to all artists that are signed up with NUsicTV. 

If you are already on NUsicTV you can promote your gigs, album and single releases here:

If you are an independent artist and you have a music video that you'd like broadcast on NUsicTV please submit it at via the sign-up page. 


For more information on NUsicTV

Please email - or call +44 20 7680 9144 



by Ben

▼ VOLKOVA SISTERS - 'Last Song Of The Dying Fly' ▼

NU Track


'Last Song of the Dying Fly'

Watch out for Volkova Sisters' new music videos on NUsicTV in the not so distant future! 

If you are in East London on the 7th July you can catch them at Power Lunches, 446 Kingsland Rd  E8 4AE.

Starts at 8pm Entry Only £4

Event details -

NUsicTV promo track by Nova aired on Channel 4

NUsicTV's promo track 'Kyabe Knights' by Nova is being featured on Channel 4's 'Youngers' TV series. Elephant Music, a close affiliate of NUsicTV, secured the sync on the popular TV show which follows a group of South-East London teenagers aiming to become the next big thing on the urban music scene.

Just goes to show that artists promoted on NUsicTV get opportunities to be featured on other forms of broadcast including lucrative sync deals... and this is a perfect example!

So if you're an artist and want to get your music on TV, submit your music videos now!

NUsicTV - the music revolution will be televised!

by Ben

Independent Music vs Major Labels... an interesting article from Vice

Here at NUsicTV we fully support independent music... and it seems that a lot of artists are trying to go this way too, running away from major record labels and trying to promote themselves on their own... Read this interesting article from Noisey:

Just goes to show, what we're doing at NUsicTV is starting the music revolution... helping promote independent artists without having to go through record labels, and bringing this great new music to television.

NUsicTV - the music revolution will be televised!

by Ben

NUsicTV's Friday programme on Sky repeated weeknights at 3am

We're glad to announce that our Friday night programme on Sky 192 has been so popular that it'll also get repeated for the nightowls on weeknights, Monday till Thursday at 3am.

So you can now enjoy the best of new music on Friday nights 11pm till 1am, but if you missed it or you loved it so much that you have to see it all again, you can catch the repeated 2-hour music programme on weeknights (Mon-Thu) 3am till 5am... everyone's a winner!

NUsicTV on SKY 192 & FREESAT 402 - the music revolution will be televised!

by Ben

NUsicTV launches on all new Sony Bravia TVs!

NUsicTV is now available through the OperaTV app on all new Sony Bravia TVs from now on!

Sony Bravia TV owners will now be able to watch NUsicTV on the OperaTV app installed directly on all new Sony Bravia TVs. Independent music has a new voice on television through NUsicTV. Get involved to see your music on Sony Bravia! 

by Ben