▼Oh Sees - Dead Energy▼

Like any good band with two drummers, Oh Sees have them front and centre, the synchronised abuse of these two drum kits is nothing short of mesmerising. Stomping grooves and complex fills are played with a kind of precise aggression that’s difficult to turn away from, as vocals/guitarist Dwyer shreds, spits and screams only feet away. See them livE!

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Video was edited from Shin'ya Tsukamotos 1989 horror, Sci-Fi movie masterpiece 'Tetsuo Iron Man'. 'A businessman accidentally kills The Metal Fetishist, who gets his revenge by slowly turning the man into a grotesque hybrid of flesh and rusty metal.' 


by Ben

▼ Otti Albeitz - 'Time's Time' ▼

Singer, performer, composer, producer & instrumentalist Otti Albietz was born in Malaga and grew up travelling throughout Europe and Morocco. Since 2011 Otti has released and toured his music in Otti And The Voices both solo and band, releasing two recent albums (Bubbytone II & And The Voices) on label BBE (J-Dilla,, Spoek Mathambo, Phantogram).


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by Ben

▼ Oumou Sangaré- 'Kamelemba' ▼

'Sangare kono—Sangare the Songbird. This is how Oumou Sangare, Mali’s great diva, champion of women’s rights, and one of the world’s most astounding female voices, describes herself when she sings her powerful songs that strike deep in the heart.'


by Ben

▼ Josh Pan and X&G - 'Nowhere' ▼

Josh Pan and X&G's stunning new video for 'Nowhere' comes from Skrillex's OWSLA collective.

“Among the chaos of politics and war today, it may be hard to find purpose for some people. We as humans need to embrace the current state of technology and empower ourselves through freedom of speech despite government efforts to suppress us," says director Liam Underwood. 


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by Ben

▼ Radiohead - 'I Promise' ▼


I Promise

Ahead of their Glastonbury headline set, Radiohead release long-lost track I Promise from the 20th-anniversary box set of OK Computer. “I Promise,” like “Lift,” dates to Radiohead’s tour supporting Alanis Morissette in 1996, and it was played several times that year. Curiously, Thom Yorke has reportedly likened “I Promise” to Joy Division, but extant live recordings reveal a regretful acoustic strummer akin to R.E.M. at their most tender, with marching drums and majestic mellotron-like washes of orchestral tones. 

by Ben

▼ Brockhampton - 'Face' ▼



Brockhampton give us another taste of what they've been up to with "Face", a minimal and hypnotic tune with heady vocals. We like!

by Ben

Theresa May ‘Liar Liar’ shoots to Number 1 and new in at number ? Strong and Stable my Arse!

Available for download at just 79p on the iTunes music store, Liar Liar GE2017 is truly for the many, not the few.

Taken from YouTube comments section

Theresa May - Liar Liar seems to be a correct description

'The Big Top 40 on CapitalFM and Heart just refused to play this, even though it is in the ITunes top 10 downloads. Please take to social media to complain - this is CENSORSHIP.'

by Ben

▼ Sol King - 'Another Line' ▼

Sol King

'Another Line'

One of our recent submissions was this intoxicating, serene composition by Sol King, a london based musician and artist. We like!

You can check him out here:

by Ben

Grime votes 4 Corbyn in the UK election

JME meets Corbyn for coffee

Watch grime star JME in conversation with Labour don Jeremy Corbyn, as the two discuss grime, youth engagement, and the need to make your voice heard. JME Meets Jeremy sees the pair trading thoughts on Corbyn's unpopularity among some of his Labour party peers and why young people voting is more vital than ever before.

1. Tax goes back to the people, Jeremy wants to crack down on the rich youts avoiding tax, so that we have more funds for more facilities.

— Novelist (@Novelist) April 20, 2017


2. Jeremy opposes nuclear weapons, I don’t care what any person says, a NUC is wrong. Empowering an ethically correct person is important.

— Novelist (@Novelist) April 20, 2017


3. Jeremy is an advocate for women in parliament. That’s extremely important.

— Novelist (@Novelist) April 20, 2017


4. He has been on the back-bench not seeking power for 30 years: for him standing up for what’s right is more important than promotion.

— Novelist (@Novelist) April 20, 2017


Novelist displayed unwavering support for Corbyn in a series of tweets detailing the perks of the Labour leader’s policies, including his opposition to nuclear weapons and advocation for women in Parliament.

Corbyn Riddim on Soudcloud website launched with tickets to free party

A screenshot of the #Grime4Corbyn website (Grime4Corbyn)

Posters popping up around London

Spotted on a phone box in Brockley by @whirringcat - grime for Corbyn

Spotted on a phone box in Brockley by @whirringcat - grime for Corbyn

Akala, AJ Tracey, Novelist and Stormzy have all tweeted pro Corbyn


Corbyn and the labour manifesto were added to the BBK wiki page (See below)

He's now been removed from the page.


“Everyone keeps going, ‘Corbyn can’t do this,’ but it’s, like, well, who else is there? If people just left him alone to actually do the job and actually gave him some support, maybe he’d be different. Treating him with so much contempt … fighting that takes all his energy. How the fuck do you expect him to do interesting things?"


Register to vote by 11:59pm on 22 May. 

by Ben

▼ iLLaKriss x So Looney - 'Playing Around' ▼

iLLaKriss x So Looney

'Playing Around'

We're loving this video submission from Dallas Hip-Hop artists iLLaKriss and So Looney. Dallas Hip-Hop gets a new creative light!


Buy the tune here:

by Ben