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If you are a video promotion company we will deal with you on a regular basis for your artists provided we deal with one person at your organisation who is known to us and has gone through the submission process and understands the legal responsibility they take.

The rights we need come from those who own and make the video known in the industry usually as the video master rights ie the person who owns the original copyright in the master of the video (not the music recording).

When a video is made the person who makes the video has to obtain the music clearance from the record label or artists, as well as the publisher and if a commissioned video the clearance from the people who actually do the production. In most cases this is usually either the original artist of the record label but might also be a production company.

Artists and record labels frequently register their music with VPL and rights collection people like CD Baby (who have started a new division recently) without thinking the international implications through, as its new income. Unfortunately in the new electronic world sometimes there is a check box on the submission that says include video rights. So sometimes people register their works without intending to do it or don't even know causing the music rights representatives to claim against someone else's video production that has been licensed under and agreement such as we send to the master rights owners if we agree to broadcast their video. If you are empowered through the organisations you work with who own these master rights to obtain broadcast of music videos under your authorised control you have to make sure that no video rights collection societies have rights in the video. If they do the person making the legal submission can be liable for action in the courts in America, Japan and any country with lawyers where we broadcast who see the broadcast on NUsic as a breach of copyright - which it is. The writ will therefore fall upon those who made the submission even if we withdraw the video immediately to mitigate loss. Mistakes cost big money in America especially if it is seen as a deliberate act.

So to make it clear you should get written authority to present videos to NUsicTV if third parties are involved, because they may have assigned the performance rights in the video somewhere and not have told you.

When a video master is sent to NUsicTV it is remastered as a new production. The length changes slightly as it is topped and tailed. The title bar is put into the middle of the video with credits for the producer of the video as well as the record label and band/artist. A burnt in logo is applied to the top right hand corner to identify the master as the broadcast copyright of NUsicTV in case anyone should try to copy it or pass it off as someone else. These masters are the masters in which we own the broadcast rights and are not the same masters owned by VPL or any other video organisation. However we will not work with artists or record labels who seek to circumvent their legal responsibilities if they intend VPL or other video rights organisations to collect broadcast royalties from our licensees, as these payments are already agreed under our contract which we send to those who submit material we like that fits our format for new artists/bands. The agreement provides for one source payment for global rights and the reason we do not pay these societies is because the payment has already been agreed. A copy of the standard label agreement can be found at this link here. (talk to me about this).

Only present videos to NUsicTV you are completely sure are available for us to broadcast worldwide (we work with new artists so most are available when they start) or make sure the label who commissioned the video have a NUsicTV Label agreement in place first. If you only own UK rights or the video can only be shown in the UK because Atlantic Records or someone else own it in USA or Iceland then do not present it to us. Once we have the legal confirmation you are clear to present and continue to we will develop a working relationship to promote your artists to a global and growing NUsicTV audience who watch music television and want to find new exciting independent artists. We support good music and it is sometimes difficult for bigger music business interests to understand you cannot deal with new artists in the same way as all those who are already popular - the value equation is different out side of the UK and this is the same in the world of television and that is why NUsicTV is building global distribution with the help of those who work in this end of the music industry.

Click Confirm only if you agree to these rules and accept legal responsibility for this submission.