Instructions for submissions

10 steps to get your music video onto NUsicTV

STEP 1. To submit a music video to NUsicTV click on the OPEN FORM button below this will open the rules of submission:

  • ONLY submit music videos to NUsicTV that you own 100% of the music and video content (ie) you made and control the video and it was not made by a record company or any other company (management etc). If so they must use this page to submit not you. We deal with the global rights owners of the video who is usually the person who made it or paid for it.
  • NO cover versions allowed (songs written by other songwriters not in the video)
  • NO 3rd party content allowed (made by someone else)
  • NO music videos registered with VPL (Video Performance Ltd.) or any similar video rights collection society allowed. If your video has been registered with CDbaby because you registered the music with their rights collection department, or your record company is registered with a similar society such as PPL check that they know they do not own the video rights in the production you send us first. Then send us the confirmation of this.

Click Confirm only if you agree to these rules and accept legal responsibility for this submission.

STEP 2. Fill in the online submission form.  

This will require you to supply us with links to the music videos so that we can view online. You must agree to the terms and conditions before you Submit.

STEP 3. We assess your music video submission(s) for broadcast potential. 

STEP 4. If we like your music video we will be in touch with a broadcast agreement.

STEP 5. Please send us a high resolution 1080p master of your video. 

  • As uncompressed as possible in 1920x1080 progressive format at 25fps. Ideally ProRes 422 (HQ).
  • via or similar.

STEP 6. We master your video for broadcast free of charge. 

This includes full artist, track name, record company and video director credits (see image). 

STEP 7. We contact you with the airing date/time on NUsicTV. We will also send you a link to your video which will feature on our online broadcast. 

STEP 8. Use the online video link we send you, to spread the word to your fans and followers in social media. Let them know that if the video is liked and shared we will keep featuring you in the television broadcast! 

STEP 9. Every time your video is broadcast money goes to you. You get paid a pro-rata share of 10% of all our advertising revenue! (5% for performance and 5% for master rights). Advertising revenue is goverened by the number of viewers so the more people that watch the more money is generated. Spread the word!

STEP 10. We pay you via PayPal bi-annually. 

Open form to submit your video to NUsicTV